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Goodluck Azunwena is a very creative minded Nigerian, that is working restlessly to see that the Nigerian industry meets up to the international standard and even better. He talks about this in his interview with cLOUDig.

.      What is the name of your company and how did it come about?
My company name is GluckWenas (GW), and the name is derived from my full name “Goodluck Azunwena.
It’s formed with the aim of bringing change into the entertainment industry from music, movies etc. while growing up as a child and watching a lot of TV programs and movies I came to an automatic comparism between the foreign and the local industry, the standard of our local industries was nothing to compare with the foreign Industry, this was my drive into the entertainment industry to cause a change, offering better quality, extreme creativity and improved stories.
There is a saying that says “A tree cannot make a forest” but i believe that you need a tree to start a forest
and I can assure you that I AM THAT TREE.
2.      Do you have any tips for unlocking creativity?
I will say eehhmm, no one can be taught creativity because it’s inborn, so I will say I have no tips in unlocking creativity because there is no scale of measurement for creativity, which means everybody is creative but what makes the difference is your ability to build on your inborn creativity.
3.      What is the best project GW has worked on this year?
Aside from my movie “The Favored” the best project I have worked on this year is my documentary on tourism in Nigeria with a focal point on the city of Ile-Ife Osun state. It’s my best project it is a project that is aimed at aiding national development through promotion of tourism which represents the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria.

4.      What are your views on the present state of the Nigerian movie industry and what are your plans….?
If I was asked this question few years back I would have made some funny comments about the industry but presently I will say the industry is moving forward, growing higher, open to new things and ready for change.
GluckWenas intends to affect that change ASAP. They say that “Change begins with you” I will say GW is change.
5.      What are your major work tools and why them?
Majorly I use adobe and corel products, specifically I use photoshop, CorelDraw, premiere pro, adobe AfterEffects, Iclone animator and 3D max, which I use for graphic designs, video editing, 3D modeling and visual effects respectively.
I choose to work with these tools because they are the industry standard tools and they have what GW needs to run any project effectively. Tested and trusted

6.      Why did you choose the entertainment industry?
Initially I wanted to study aeronautical engineering, then I got a job in a company, Multiskills Nig. Ltd and I decided to study computer sciences but during my few years of trial, I did a lot of graphic designs for people and also logos for companies I then discovered I will best fit in the world of creativity and finally put in for multimedia technology.

7.      What companies have you worked with?
I have worked with Multiskills Nig. Ltd, Rhythm of colours(channel M1).
8.      What are your hobbies?
Drinking and smoking, lol.. Just kidding.
Singing, watching movies, laughing…… like am doing now, dancing and designing.
9.      What are your worst moments?
Ewooooo… Hmmmmmm

1.  Can you tell us about your background?
My full name is Goodluck Chizinum Azunwena the last born from a family of six (6) boys and one very pretty loving girl (my Mum) lol.
 I am from Orochiri town in Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria, an Ikwerrian by tribe and proudly represent the Azunwena’s family.
1.  What countries have you visited and what countries would you like to visit?
That is an embarrassing question, I have not for now. I love Nigeria, Port Harcourt boy for life, but I will travel one day if need be.
The countries I would love to visit are Scotland because of their culture and Celtic music, India because of Bollywood, laughs……. Hmmmm…. I think Kenya and probably the U.S. 

12.  Who is your mentor?
Basically I don’t do mentors because I am a start of something new but I will say my mentor is Jesus Christ because he came and caused a change forever and that is what I represent “ change forever”
1.  Your earlier mentioned a movie “THE FAVOURED” tell us about it?
Okkkk……… Silent …….ok.
The Favoured is a movie I directed and a movie that had lots of professional debutants and a great story. I also edited it and it will be premiered on the 17th October, 2014 at delightsome woods Ifewara osun state …. You should come.
1.  What else do you do aside production?
I blog, I own a www.gluckgist.com and it is aimed at sharing current authentic stories from reliable sources. You should visit …… and enjoy the rest of the world in enjoying invaluable information. I also plan events, promote artist, brands and do advertisements. So call in now. Follow on Twitter and Instagram @gluckgist

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