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Meet FINNIBEATZ [@finnibeat Performing Artist And Music Producer In Exclusive Interview With @shygoatblog

In The Nigerian Music Industry, There's Always been a Thick line Between Ability And Talent! New Talents Have been Unveiled in 2016, Some Of Which Have Been Included in Our Top5 Next Rated Artists In Nigeria

Here's An Exclusive Interview With Afinni John Ope!  popularly Known As FinniBeatz! A Fast Rising Music Artist And Producer who Produces Good Music In A Professional and Unique Style..


@SHYGOATBLOG - Give A Little Insight About Yourself ?

@FINNIBEATZ - My Name Is Afinni John Ope!  A Graduate Of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Studied Masscomm! Stage Name Is FinniBeatz And I Be Fine Boy as U Can See..  😂 Am A Performing Artist, Music Producer And A Model! 

Well am me and I like being real and a risk taker! 

@SHYGOATBLOG - What really Pushed You To Become A Music Artist ? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Honestly I wasn't Really Pushed To Do Music, It's Something I've Always Had In Me To Do! The Passion And Drive Was Always There.. The Inspiration to Fully Face It Came from other Songs I used to Listen to! Mo'hits, p'square And Duncan Mighty Amidst Others!

@SHYGOATBLOG - Which instruments do you play?  

@FINNIBEATZ - Drums!  I be Drummer boy oo. I used to be a church drummer boy.. I Enjoy Playing The Drums

@SHYGOATBLOG - Is your family musical? 

@FINNIBEATZ - No music background parsay

@SHYGOATBLOG - How often and for how long do you practice? 

@FINNIBEATZ - The real thing is I don't even look at the time when I start  practicing all I do is i start and stop whenever I need to rest my brain or whenever I remember have not eaten all day .

@SHYGOATBLOG - For How Long So You Intend To Keep Doing What You Do! Do u Have A Precise Age? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Music is life and I believe as long as am still breathing 

 @SHYGOATBLOG - Which famous musicians do you admire? And Why? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Dbanj , wizkid yemi Alade.. Because their hustling spirit is real so so real  

@SHYGOATBLOG - Which famous musician would you like to work with?  As a Producer-
BeatbySarz , Pheelz,  Gospel on the beat,  Mastercraft and TYmix.

As an artist Dbanj (Eja Nla) and Falz The Badt Guy

@SHYGOATBLOG - How Did u Get to Learn Music Production? Who Were Your Teachers? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Dr Edward Sunday a.k.a Bros Eddy and Kayode Adenuga a.k.a Keyz Beatz .. These Guys have helped a Lot And I'd Forever be grateful for All They've Done for me so Far And All They've thought me! 

@SHYGOATBLOG - Everybody has Been Talking  about Your New Video "GINJA'. It Making Waves And Has Managed to Stay On Our Top10chart For 2weeks! What Inspired the Audio And Visuals Of The Song! 

@FINNIBEATZ - i just Simply Got into The Studio To do what I do Best! I just Had fun while doing it And It Came out Fantastic! Party Rock Has Always Been the People's Demand! I Just gave em what they wanted

@SHYGOATBLOG - Do you teach music? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Yes for now I train on music Production 

@SHYGOATBLOG - How do you balance your music with other obligations - mate, children, job?

@FINNIBEATZ - ermm, well I know I seem to create time for whatever I want to do 

@SHYGOATBLOG - In wat ways has your music changed from when you started? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Oh my, a long way I use to laugh at myself a times when I play some old songs of mine or produced by me in the past 😀 well thanks to God still moving and still learning day by day 

@SHYGOATBLOG - What are the main inspiration for the lyrics you write? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Atmosphere things happening around me.. basically 

@SHYGOATBLOG - Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed for the beats or the lyrics flow and content? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Hmm I don't think am in the best position to answer that 

@SHYGOATBLOG - Do you Have Any Project You're Currently Working On? What Should Your Fans Expect Anytime Soon? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Yeah Definitely! Expect New acts songs produced by me and new sounds! It's gonna be Different And From the Noise Everybody Is Used to In This Country! 

@SHYGOATBLOG - What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous? 

@FINNIBEATZ - Face your fear and always be a risk taker oo.. #Lobatan 

@SHYGOATBLOG - Give us a list of three celeb. you're to kiss one, make out with one nd kill one. who nd who will it be?  

@FINNIBEATZ - Ahh This One Ehn.. 😱..  Well I've Always Wanted to Kiss Genevieve, Make Out With Jackie-Appiah,  And The Last One.. Who I fit kill ooo.... I never Sabi!! 

@SHYGOATBLOG - would u like to Make  A Shout-out to Anyone? 

@FINNIBEATZ - A big Shout goes out to Everyone Supporting me and my Music.. Hod bless you All!! 

@SHYGOATBLOG - Thank You Finnibeatz for your time With us! 
Go follow @finnibeatz On Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat! 
For Bookings And Enquiries Contact FinniBeatz On - +234811 715 2609

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