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jiji.ng :How to choose the painting to make the interior more stylish?

How to choose the painting to make the interior more stylish?
Painting is a special piece of furniture. It is known that properly chosen and properly decorated painting is able to influence our mood and even affect the success in life!
But the high cost of original works often makes a paintings purchase of the famous author unrealistic, not to mention the recognized classics.

But the possibility to decorate the interior with the original work is real! Try to pay attention to the reproductions, art posters. Some buyers prefer copies, some - the originals. Of course, if you have such a possibility, it is best to buy the original here http://jiji.ng/art-collectibles and thanks to Jiji you can support talented, but unknown artists! It is better to have the real beautiful painting than some poster. If to choose the right frame, it will be an absolute ornament of any room.

How to choose the painting corresponding to the interior?

When choosing a painting, you need to take into account the intended purpose. It is important to not just pick up a beautiful drawing, but also to ensure that it fits naturally into the interior. By selecting the artists, it is necessary to determine not only the appropriate size of the paintings, but also the desired genre. So, in the kitchen still life, filled with bright colors is appropriate. A small kitchen space can be visually expanded by a large painting.

Stylish living room

The painting for the living room interior must be chosen in the same style - if you have a classic style interior, look at classic landscapes. You must also take into account the colors of the furniture, curtains, and wallpapers. As a rule, colors of the painting must correspond to the colors of the interior. However, if the interior is plain and is of one color, you can buy a painting of more vivid colors than the color of the interior, in order to dilute drab colors. If you buy several paintings for one room, they must be designed in one style and, if possible, be in composition, complement each other, have a plot and a color similarity.

Bedroom decoration

For the bedrooms, the perfect painting is the one, which depicts a serene landscape or some beautiful flowers. Small size picture above the bed will adjust on rest and good sleep. Shades should be soft and pastel.

Painting for children

In the children's room, there are possible options for the placement of reproductions of paintings from the fairy-tale characters. Or you can put here illustration, telling about distant countries and traveling. Be sure, your children will adore it!

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