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Suleja Insight:Man beat wife over N5000 he borrowed from her

Mr. Andrew Yusuf
In the early hours of today, around 4:52am to be precise in an area popularly known as back of general in suleja, Niger state, a woman known as Katherine (maman Godrika) woke her neighbours with shouts  while she was ill treated by her Mopol husband whose name  is Andrew Yusuf.   
 Maman Godrika was said to have traveled to the village some days back and came back on Teusday, though they were having issues before about  a woman he got married to and have 4 children with her and his first wife, Maman Godrika the mother of 3, didn’t know until last month. She also spoke about N5000 she borrowed from a friend to give to her husband, and he did nothing to pay, so she took his samsung smart phone and told him that she will sell the phone if he fail to pay back the money because her friend is asking after the money.
Before the incident of today she was spotted sleeping outside yesterday evening after an argument with her husband, Mr. Andrew Yusuf  who Locked the house so that she wont gain entry slept in the house leaving her outside in the dark and lonely night, a woman he calls his wife.
though what spark the fire of today was that the man was throwing abusive words at her and when she answered from the outside, he came out with his mopol belt and gave her the beaten of her life, the neighours heard and came out to rescue her, when he saw the number of people increasing, he stopped beating her and went inside his house, took his motocycle and left the house. more photos after the cut....


Mrs. Katherine Yusuf

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