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Mum who has given birth to nine sons reveals she is expecting a tenth

When Alexis Brett discovered she was expecting another baby boy, she wasn’t a bit surprised.For she has given birth to nine sons – and no daughters – in the past 15 years.And despite what many may think, she insists her large family isn’t because she was trying for that elusive baby girl.Mrs Brett, 37, said: ‘At every 20-week scan, we found out the sex, but I’ve no idea why we bothered as, deep down, we already knew. It’s amazing I’ve had so many boys.

‘It’s thought I’m the first in the UK. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘People always ask if I have I been trying for a girl. But I can honestly answer “no”. I’m happy with my boys. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with a girl now.’
When she met husband David, a train driver, in 1998, the couple had never dreamed of having such a large family.

But Mrs Brett soon became pregnant with Campbell, now 15, and since then she has given birth almost every two years.

Harrison was next, 13, followed by Corey, 11, Lachlan, nine, Brodie, seven, Brahn, six, Hunter, four, Mack, three, and 14-month-old Blake.

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