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In a movie, music, art generally when you  "street" is the naturality, the ruggedity of a scene e.g let's do it in the street. It is not necessarily the physical street (road). But either natural or rough and dirty environment like market place, uncompleted building, rivers, farms, villages etc.
Shonel studio introduced Street photography to depict or to bring out the beauty of the street regardless how dirty, rough and ugly it might look.
Bringing out beauty of every scene being it classic or local in your finger tips.
Shonel Street photography further foster the understanding that no matter how your beginning or your background is you can attract global attention. Speaking expressly that your background should not determine your attitude which shows in your dressing.
It is necessary not to dress like where you are coming from rather where you are heading to.
Shonel street photography is set to give hope to the hopeless, set appearance standard to the ignorants, satisfy your viewing urge. We are here not to only satisfy you but to amaze you through our art.
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