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Some time last year, I was coming back from the printing press in the heat of the sun. All I wished for was to literally swallow an ice block or enter a refrigerator.

Finally, after the frustrating holdup, I got to my buss stop, highlighted and saw this pure water seller looking like he needed the water more than I do. So I bought a sachet and asked him to keep the change.

Last week, he saw me and reminded me of our first meeting. Something stroked in my heart, and I took this photo with him to share few thoughts with you today.

You are not meant to keep it perpetually. When it gets to you, channel it on the right motion and allow it perform its duties the way society can be grateful for.

You see hawkers, thieves, police and prostitutes?
They all came from the same neighborhood. The difference is that one chose a better option than the others.

The hawker hawking close to you thought it wiser to hawk to you than to rob you. The agbero at the bus stop and park thought it wiser to usher you in to the cab than to rob you. Think it wise to show gratitude.

They all grew up from a place where they were starved from the love they deserve as humans. Some of them were beaten up from sleep everyday for years. Some were regularly called idiots, and thieves everyday for years. They are not normal in the sense of the ability to think right...

They need your love. No matter how small it is, a smile with love can go a long way. Some may so much cherish that one smile that they use it as an encouragement to lead a good life.

The person who deserves your money is not that beggar who has decided to embrace the weak idea of survival from perpetual dependence but that 5 year old kid that has decided to accept responsibility for survival to risk his life on the high way to solve a problem society has with thirst. That's entrepreneurship at its peak!

My words to you this evening is to change the way you respond to hawkers. See them as wise but less opportuned.

You see that boy that is almost roasting under the sun and you still decided to take his water without paying simply because your driver sped off? His brother will rob you big-time if you don't change.

Love is one thing we owe each other. It is not for certain people. It's for everyone. Love is what we need to live as individuals and as humanity.

Show love to that hawker.
Try something lovely... Leave your change with him/her and not only with that girl under an AC in a supermarket just to show you have money.

You have been blessed with wisdom... Call some hawkers or argberos and advice them. They need it. Do it with love.

Remember, loving your neighbor is loving God.
The true test of Agape is not with those you already love but those who are starved of it.

Show love.

God bless you

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