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Meet the twin conjoined at the forehead

A Filipino family is desperately raising funds to separate their twin girls who have been conjoined at the forehead since birth.Chiara and Charina Nortega were born with craniopagus and urgently need to be separated.But they share an artery - and their parents know if they go under the knife one of them could die.But they believe it is worth if for the other to be able to live a better life.The twins, who live in Roxas, in Palawan in the Philippines, live a painful and difficult existence as all the activities they do - from bathing, to eating, and studying - have to be done together.The operation is expected to cost £85,000 but the girl's father, Arnel, only works part time and earns around £5 a day.

Arnel, 47, said: 'I am doing whatever is within my capacity. I am working in shifts to be able to raise funds for my daughter's' treatment.

'But I know even if I work shifts my entire life, I won't be able to organise the amount required for the treatment.

'I am contacting friends, family and even strangers seeking help for my daughters. I am hopeful that somebody in some other corner of the world would hear our plea and come forward to help.' The twins have three siblings who are all healthy, and the girls attend a special needs school.

Chiara, who was born with cleft lips, cannot speak so Charina interprets for her.

Their mother Sonia, 37, said: 'We conducted a series of medical procedure on the twins, such as MRI and CT scans. The reports suggest that it will be a risky affair to separate Chiara and Charina,' she added.

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