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girlin love with a treenews

Madness at work: A young girl in love, having sex, and ready to marry a TREE.

Women sometime self, no wonder the devil used made them eat from the tree in the middle of the Garden. How can a girl fall in love with a tree? If not demonic and satanic forces at work. Many things are happeining in this our world that only God knows how to stop, we should always keep this in mind "the end is near" no time left. Read below the silly reason that made her to fall in love with the so-called tree, to an extend of having sex.
After a string of disastrous relationships, this young lady named Emma McCabe fell in love
with Tim - a tree and she says she feels quite happy. And sex with it, is the best she's ever had. She's planning a marriage with it even though her family thinks she's mad. Awww, what heartbreaks can do!

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