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Abraham Ibiang's Open Letter to Africa's riches man, Aliko Dangote

Dear Aliko Dangote,
 It is very okay to applaud you as the richest black man in the world as well as the richest man in Africa today, as you have worked and earned it all these years, what I find a bit disturbing is the fact that we don’t see and we don’t know how many young business people who are adopting your mentorship and training. As undeniably one of the highest employer of labor in a country flooded with many unemployed young people consequently increasing in social misconduct and vices including internet fraud popularly known as “yahoo” or “gee”, which is effortlessly accommodating more, “there’s more to it Sir, and based on logistics (in Efe’s voice), let us look at the ailing economic situation in the country today, not to mention the poverty level in our villages and rural communities nationwide where even the smallest market-store sells at least one Dangote product, many are still dying of poverty and starvation.
 Dear Dangote, for me as a Nigerian it is not enough to call you the richest man in Africa… “There’s more to it”. Your journey, experiences and success level (so far attained) if shared under a business training environment or platform with the intentions to mentor and support young business ideas, I can expressly say that 5 years from now a larger populace in Nigeria will not rely solely on the government of the country to survive and grow businesses. Sir, your testimonies as you age gracefully in wealth and good health should not only rely on how much money you’re worth but also include a number of growing businesses that are thriving under your tutelage (Doing this will help us have more “Dangote’s in the nearest future). Taking a cue from @TonyElumeluFoundation would go a long way. He’s not known to be half as rich, experienced and industrially witty as you Sir, but based on logistics again my message here is very simple and essential to our great country “Nigeria”. A lot of young business ideas today end up on the wrong side of the pan. Please mentor and train young business people today! Happy Belated Birthday to an Icon, Africa’s Prime Business Mogul and the Richest Black Man in the World. Mr. Aliko Dangote. 
Essayist: Abraham Ibiang 
 Mr. NIGERIA (Int’l) AFRICA 2015 

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