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Late February, after finishing a job that took almost a month, I needed to celebrate it, so I decided to see the movie, Black Panther.
While watching the movie, I was just giggling throughout and kept echoing to myself "this is the Africa of my dreams."
To me, that movie is a roar of a dying Lion to his younger brother, WAKE UP & FIGHT FOR US!
That was the picture that was created in my mind.

The world needs Africa now than ever before.
It has been said that over 70% of resources the world needs are situated in Africa. Not because Africa was more blessed but because Africa is yet to engage their resources.

The way God created earth, no part of it is less functional and none is like another. That means, America, Europe, Asia and Africa can't produce the same thing. It will be against design if they do.

Africa was designed to contribute something different from what America is contributing to this planet.
The mistake we've always made as a continent is to try to do like the Americans and the Europeans.

"No matter how fruitful an orange tree is, once the fruit is mango instead of Orange, people will run away from it because it is against design"
Now, these are my thoughts to my African brothers all over the earth...

Dear Brother,

We might all be humans on this planet but we were never designed for the same purpose. Brother, you have failed when you try to be like the white man or do what he's doing.

You are not black because you are in Africa. You are in Africa because you are black!
Listen to me brother, you have been designed to thrive in the African soil and make greatness therein.
Look not at their humanity, focus on your individuality and produce from locality and you'll become global.

Brother, don't run on their lane.
We have started flying long before they started flying in public.
No jokes brother, the difference was that we didn't know how to convert what was good for us as individuals to what is good for society.

Brother, we had our own guns, and canoes and all that before they brought theirs. It is unfortunate that they forced their "juju" on us and our grand fathers sold our brothers to them in exchange for their juju.

Brother, that was how the whole problem started. It's now too difficult to think independently because although we are independent, we are still slaves to in our thinking to the white man.

Brother.... Think black!
Think Africa. Think Nigeria.

Don't let our old men tell you what to do about your country. If they were intelligent enough, they wouldn't have messed it as it is. Rise up and make your own mistakes!

Final words brother is,
 1. Learn to convert what is good for you to what is good for society. That was the mistake         we made the first time. Don't be selfish brother!
 2. Think beyond all that the white man has created including academics. Depend on                 Revelation, 'cos in that realm, we are all equal and have equal access to the wisdom             resident on earth and with it, we can once again make our continent great.
 3. Think local. Build with the African soil and nature. Build with the African resources. Build       with what we have and       think with what you have.

I believe just as you do in Africa.
I believe in you.
I believe we will one day, rise and take the front line in the battle for the defense of our planet.

I believe what Wakanda represents is truly in Africa and we are rising up.

Thank you
Your black brother,
Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor

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